Monday, October 18, 2010

Card Ideas For Mom

Card Ideas For MomRemember Mom On - Mother's Day - Always do something extra special for Mom on Mother's Day. Cards are great, but don't get in the habit of just only giving Mom a card every year. Make "Mother's Day" more than just a card.Say a specific "thank you". Go out of your way to write a special card for Mom. Tell her how grateful you are for all the extra work she's put in to make your

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cards And Dice Tattoos

Cards And Dice TattoosAnother very popular theme among these designs is gambling. If you think about it one of the main vices that sailors and other ruffians had available to them at the time was gambling. Of course gambling was illegal a the time but this did not stop a ton of guys from getting cards, and dice as part of their tattoos.Should you want to forgo the naval style, there are still

Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday Cards For Teachers

Birthday Cards For TeachersWhen giving a birthday gift to someone, why not add a few personal touches? Accompany the present with a birthday card. Sometimes, it means more when people read in black and white just how much they mean. If it is a client you are giving a gift too, it won't hurt to let sincerity flow through. It might just be what you need to cement a lasting, mutually beneficial

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Funny Christmas Cards

Funny Christmas CardsThere are business cards, Charity Xmas cards, personalized cards, funny Christmas cards and the list goes on! There are Xmas cards to suit all range of budgets and you will be surprised at just how creative you can be when wanting to design a Christmas card to give to your family friends or business associates.When you make your own personalised Christmas cards you can

American Express Gift Cards

American Express Gift CardsThe AmericanExpress business giftcard can be ordered with multiple cards totaling as high as $35,000. They are also an easy solution for rewards, promotions, and incentives. Large orders are also eligible for a possible discount.It is possible to link a prepaid gift card like the Visa or American Express gift card to a PayPal account but for this to happen, you

Card Designing

Card DesigningUse a font that is easy to read, and 2-3 colors (plus black and white). The color red doesn't work with all designs, but really stands out. Try highlighting part of the text to make the words jump out at your prospective buyer. Find an image or a clip art that is related to the business or theme. Your business card design should be neat, and convey an image of trust.Business

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cards With Ribbons

Cards With RibbonsCards on ribbons suspended in windows would look wonderful too. If you decide to go with this approach, remember to cover the back of the cards with bright paper in different colors, so that the windows would look good from the outside as from the inside.Cards With Ribbons